Production Support 

Die Repair and Maintenance

GLDC extracts tools after production runs to perform last shot reviews. After the last shot review is completed, we determine whether there are tool augmentations requires during the preventive maintenance exercise.

Process Engineering

GLDC’s process technicians employs Visi-Trak monitoring to evaluate the process during production to ensure that we are running a robust quality and repeatable process to the casting process standard established for each job. Our process technicians evaluate every aspect of a job during the run and troubleshoot problems as they relate to the process or tooling. Gate analysis as well as formulated calculations is performed to optimize best process parameters possible.


Tool Room

GLDC’s tool room is equipped with a boring mill, lathe, surface grinder, and three Bridgeport mills. We are capable of building special gages, fixtures, machines, and repairs to most tools based on size. We perform most core pin and punch detail builds in-house as well as shot tip plungers machining for the casting process.