Production Capabilities

A wide range of process capability is available to provide customers with exactly the value-added content required.


GLDC has die cast machines ranging from 450 to 1200 tons. We utilize a wide range of equipment from CAD/CAM software to evaluation/measuring machines to ensure cost effective production methods and consistency of output products.  We possess product design capabilities and guarantee dependable JIT deliveries. Our employees are fully qualified to execute each step of the production process effectively and efficiently.  Our full-service capabilities makes us an ideal resource for your company’s die casting needs.


Aluminum Melting

The reverb melting capacity is in excess of 100,000 lbs/day.  The three smaller reverb furnaces each directly supply metal to two die casting machines each.  The larger furnace supplies metal to five die casting machines via a state-of-the art launder system.  Only certified aluminum alloy is used and each furnace’s metal is quantitatively checked for alloy specification each shift by a spectrograph.  Nitrogen degassing of molten metal is available to continuously clean aluminum when needed.

Die Casting

All die cast machines (DCMs) are manufactured by Prince.  Each machine is equipped with a robotic ladle, sprayers and extractors. All DCMs are checked and analyzed by shot monitoring systems and are audited each shift to make sure operating parameters are maintained at optimum setting.  Trimming of the cast parts is performed on hydraulic trim presses.  Thermal control of the casting process is maintained by controlled application of cooling water and hot oil heating.  All die cast and trim dies are serviced, repaired and prepped after each use.  Dies and DCMs are managed under a structured preventative maintenance program.


Finishing & Machining

Die castings are polished and buffed (bright polished) in house and at a select group of outside suppliers.  Polishing is both in line robotic and manual.  Steel shot blasting and vibratory finishing are also supplied by in house and outside sources.


Powder coating, e-coating, solvent based painting and plating are provided via a small group of long-term supplier partners.


Sub-assemblies are produced for various furniture and automotive customers.