SalesGLDC brings to market the expertise and experience of over 100 collective years to solve any of your die casting needs. From weight savings to mold flow, we can bring creative solutions to your projects on time and in budget for today’s evolving marketplace.  Our proven team has the experience in the following industries:

  • Appliance
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Furniture
  • Medical
  • Lighting

Our capabilities include:

  • CNC Machining
  • Custom CAD/CAM
  • Finishing
  • Product Testing
  • Product Design
  • Stereolithographic Phototyping
  • Subassembly and Parts Kitting
  • Tooling Design

Program managers are assigned to specific customers and their products from initial design review to production start-up through the final phase out of production.  These engineers are intimately familiar with a customer’s products and handle all phases of design, quality (APQP, PPAP, etc.), production, through put and delivery.  It is with this organization and concentration that GLDC can give the dedicated total service to its valued customers.

Our engineering group utilizes CAD/CAE information to accelerate development cycles and allow our engineering group to conduct on-line evaluations and consultations with our customers.  The ability to meet the requirements of the application is ensured from product inception.  Electronic product definition also allows enhancements in quality assurance systems by giving a common programming media for machining and CMM inspection of components.  This ensures better accuracy throughout the machining process.

GLDC uses quality CAD and computer modeling equipment to design products to the exact specification of our customers including:


  • Pro E
  • Mechanical Desktop
  • Bisnet Die Cast Process Planner Software
  • HP 750C color ink jet plotter
  • Data Transfer: GLDC FTP Site used for files larger than 4Mb
  • Data Compression: zip, Gz, TAR, 7z


Our goal is very simple: to provide the most robust and economical solution with the integrity and confidence that you demand from a supplier. Our technical team strives to create effective solutions that address all perimeters of our customers’ requests by maintaining close relationships.  GLDC views our customers as business partners with the objective of being of future value based on our commitment to creative solutions, enhanced product quality, on-time delivery, reliability and continued service.

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